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Web Hosting

Even if it is for your personal blog, organization, or business, DVS offers web hosting. Unlike other web hosting companies, we do not expect you to figure out how to use an interface, or have to do maintenance. We take care of all of the busy work, so you can focus on what is most important. Other companies also lack security, whereas DVS makes sure everything is done securely, and disallowing access from others. We also offer modules of all types, so you are not limited to certain software for your site, or CMS. The hosting service includes website hosting, domain name hosting, and even email hosting, all together in one package. 

Web Development

If you are getting ready to start your own business, organization, or a business in need of a website, DVS offers web-based development.  Even if you need a single page website created, or an intricate web-based system written for your business, DVS can take care of it all. If you need your site to offer more functionality, we can add it, or hand write it in PHP for you.

Search Engine Optimization

Does your website need a better online presence? We offer SEO services for various sites, including CMS software. DVS does not use an expensive "shotgun" method, throwing money at advertisement agencies to give you a "false presence". Instead, we do everything to optimize your site for the types of visitors you want, and bring them to your site. With other methods, you may get a lot of of visitors the first month, but the majority of those visitors will not be authentic visitors, giving search engines the wrong impression about your site. You want your site to show as a first result for a long period of time, not for a day, and slowly disappear from search results.