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Custom PC Systems

No matter what your need, we offer custom system packages at low prices. Each system is made with premium parts, so you never have the issue of parts going bad right after buying your system. Each system is created to your specifications, allowing your system to do everything you want it to. Even the basic model is perfect for a business workstation, and can always be upgraded to do even more. If you want a gaming system, or even a workstation capable of rendering animated 3D, we can build it to meet your needs. DVS can also custom build rackmount servers, and software firewalls for your company, so no matter what type of system you need, we will make it for you.

 Simple Ticket Point Of Sale (COMING SOON!)

On the software side of our business, we offer small and new businesses a perfect solution for their point of sale system. DVS has created Simple Ticket for such companies, allowing any company to use an existing computer, tablet, or even smartphone to create receipts, work orders, and even keep inventory, without having to buy an entire register system. No only do you not have to pay a lot to get it, we only charge a month-to-month subscription fee.