Direct Virtual Solutions

Home and Business Solutions For Everyone

As the industry continues to evolve, so does our company. DVS keeps up with bleeding edge technologies that can be beneficial to your home or business needs. We do this so that we can offer the support you need, and you can continue to do what matters most to you. 


3D Services


DVS is happy to annouce it's latest service of 3D modeling, 3D Animation, 3D rendering, and 3D workstation support. This means if you need something created in 3D, rather it be for an applcation, game, video, commercial, product, or anything else, we are there to help. 


3D Printing


Now this is something we pride outself on these days, as 3D printing becomes more and more of a household service, you can always turn to us when you finally decide to make that jump into 3D frabrication. We can help you choose the perfect platform for your needs, as well as help you create what you want to replicate. No matter what the reason is, DVS will be there to make sure you are perefectly happy with your 3D printing solutions.